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Be prepared and download the ParkMobile App before you arrive to make paying to park a breeze!
Parking Fees are in effect from May 15 to Labor Day.
Sea Isle City no longer accepts cash payments for parking fees. Parking fees are paid via the Park-Mobile App. Park-Mobile can be found in both Google and Apple App Stores.

Click here to download ParkMobile

If you do not have a smart phone or the Park-Mobile App, you can pay for parking by phoning the Park-Mobile Service Line (877-727-5304) when you park you vehicle, at which time you can pay using a credit card over the phone.A service fee of 35-cents will be applied when paying for parking via Park-Mobile.  However, if you need to extend the time you are using an individual parking space, you will not be charged an additional service fee to extend a parking session.Spaces that require parking fees are clearly numbered. You do not have to pay to park in spaces that do not have numbers.

PLEASE BE AWARE: If you phone the Park Mobile Service Line and ask them for assistance to set-up the app on your phone, you will be charged a fee for that service.

PLEASE REMEMBER: When using the Park Mobile app, be sure to include the ZONE and the PARKING SPACE NUMBER.

How to use “Park Mobile” to Pay for Parking:

Step 1:  Open the camera on your smart phone.

Step 2:  Look for the green “Park Mobile” sign near where you parked, and then place the QR code on the sign fully in your camera’s view – or use the QR code below.

Step 3:  If your camera does not automatically read the QR code, tap the screen on your phone.

Step 4:  Tap the link that pops-up at the top of your screen to go to Park Mobile.

Step 5:  Click “Create an Account” or “Continue as Guest” (creating an account saves your info and makes the next time you park even easier).

Step 6:  Click on the box that says “Zone #” and type the 5-digit zone number on the green sign in your parking area.

Step 7:  Choose “Sea Isle City” after the typing-in the zone #.

Step 8:  Click “Space Number” and enter your parking space’s number.

Step 9:  Add your license plate info in the “Your Vehicle” box, and then click “Continue”

Step 10:  Add your credit card information.

Step 11:  Click “Checkout” (once paid, “Session Started” will appear on your phone).


$.25 for 15 minutes, up to the maximum time allowed.

Monday to Saturday, 9am-11pm and Sunday, 12pm-11pm, except the Municipal Marina Parking Lot located at 42nd Place & Bay, 7 days a week, 6am-11pm.
Parking Permits:
Permits are available from the City Clerk's office at City Hall, 233 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, 2nd Floor, Monday to Friday (except holidays) from 9am to 4pm or by mail. For more information, phone 609-263-4461, Ext. 1216
Weekly Parking Permit
-Valid for seven consecutive days
Seasonal Parking Permit - (SOLD OUT FOR 2022)
-Limited quantity available
-Transferable between three vehicles
-Only one vehicle at a time can use permit
Any vehicle with a parking permit shall be permitted to park continuously (including overnight) in any metered parking space or any metered City parking lot; except 15 minute metered parking limit spaces must be followed and no overnight parking at the Cape May County Library parking lot.

Please note that if you park your vehicle with the intention of leaving it for an extended time, you must check at least daily that the police department has not designated the spot as “No Parking for Special Event." This police designation will be done at least 24 hours in advance of the event. If you do not move your vehicle, it will be towed.



• 4th - 5th St. & Landis Ave.
• 7th - 8th St. & Landis Ave.
• 125 JFK Blvd.
• 40th St. & Central Ave.
• 42nd Place & Bay
• 45th St. & Landis Ave.
• 46th St. & Central Ave.
• 94th St. & Landis Ave.